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New taxi protests BOUNCE by FCA


Photo: LFV / Lasse Modin.

The FCA dismissed on Wednesday the complaints against the new queuing system for taxis that LFV faced at the airport on March 23. An earlier proposal for a new ticketing system was halted by the work, but then LFV has made the plans says FCA yes to the queuing system. Yesterday protested a hundred taxi drivers against the new system.

According LFV is the purpose of the new queuing system to reward eco taxis and reduce the number of empty trips at the airport.

The goal is that 100 percent of all taxis at the airport must be green the taxi 1 July 2011. Meanwhile wants LFV introduce a system of filindelning it easier for travelers to choose the taxi company they want to go with.

Also the new, revised, the system has been met with protests by some taxi companies, including Stockholm Transfer.

FCA believes, however, that the new plans are different from the earlier proposal on several crucial ways.

On Wednesday protested about 100 taxi drivers by slowly drive in a convoy from Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

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